Peugeot 208 R5 t16 #06

Car n ° 06

Car in an excellent state of maintenance and conservation

Original engine 1700 Km of 3500 – latest spec Peugeot Sport engine mapping
Turbo 800 Km
Shock absorbers 800 Km
Gearbox and differential with 150 km after overhaul, curtains and seals with 0 km
New clutch
Revised steering rack
Seats and belts valid until the end of 2023
FT3 Petrol Tank – New in 2019 with validity until 2024

Spare parts available on request including additional light



The Peugeot 208 t16 was the first car homologated according to the dictates of the new R5 regulation born in 2014 to allow more in line with what was the level of Powertrain that was developing in the normal market of those years to take the place of the super cars 2000 cars always four-wheel drive modify but equipped with a naturally aspirated two-liter engine, the Peugeot like the other cars in this category is equipped with a turbocharged in-line four-cylinder engine combined with a gearbox with a 5-speed gearbox, four-wheel drive with mechanical front and rear differential, the car had an important success in the early years when the Peugeot sports directly followed in many candidates what was the sporting commitment of the national branches, among the most important the championships won by Paolo Andreucci in Italy, Peugeot sport was one of the few companies that in those years directly supported launch programs for young talents with the Peugeot sport Academy car and in this case the car is the one used by Kevin Abbring together with Marshall Sebastian for the championship in the European championship this was then also used in Portugal probably by Bruno Magalhães driver of Peugeot sport Portugal and was the last Peugeot with internal combustion engine capable of winning a top-level rally

the car is equipped with McPherson front and rear suspension and has been heavily modified in the body always according to the dictates of the R5 regulation which took up the key points of the super 2000 regulation to allow for the housing and volume necessary to install the rear suspension at McPherson scheme obviously combined with four-wheel drive,

at the front the car is fitted with discs with a diameter of 355 mm and calipers with four pumping elements on the asphalt and 300 mm on the ground, the braking performance of these cars was decidedly interesting and had the presence of sports pedals hinged to the floor with a position of Racing guide always inspired by the older sisters of the world championship and the WRC cars,
the 1600cc engine is derived let’s say from a 1600 turbo compressed engine of the Peugeot Sport group therefore the basement the main components are the same but it was rather important, the particularity of the engine of the R5 cars was the use of a valve in rallies for the first time popoff to limit the boost pressure of the turbo supercharger
Obviously, at the front we also have an intercooler originally from a production car and a water radiator because the cars got very hot.
Compared to the aspirated cars that participated until the year before, we also have an extreme body design that is widened, the carriageways are widened so we have front and rear mudguards modified which allowed to accommodate larger tires
both the wing and the front bumper have been adjusted to the greater width to allow for a larger air inlet surface for cooling radiant devices such as intercooler and coolant