Hyundai i20 N R5 #07

One of the last build, Engine EVO 2, with all the upgrades and settings.

Car has last spec PKM dampers dedicated to “works car”, as constant development was done by the French supplier and the test team.

Hyundai N i20 R5 has been the first Customer Racing Hyundai Motorsport department car design, developed, starting then a new legacy of car, but the first step of the manufacture in a new challenge in 2016 (homologated on 1st October 2016, just on the eve of the WRC Tour the Corse rally). First events were showing the short development time, but through the years a constant development has raise the performance of the high performing rally car, always been know for his amazing engine power and torque: what is needed to enjoy rally stages on both tarmac and gravel.
This car is sold with a very helpful spare parts package, very useful to allow the owner to run it smoothly in any event, as it comes from the same one used by ERC to manage the top rally programs, on top setup sheets and specific help will be available on request.

Spare parts on request


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Hyundai i20 N R5

Chassis number:                      #07

Current number plate:             FH 082 AX

Production date:                       11/2016

Creer resume:

Starts total:39
Retirements:8 (20.5 %)
Total victories:3 (7.7 %)
Podiums:9 (23.1 %)
First victory:Rallye des Alpes du Mont Blanc 2017
First podium:Ronde della Val Merula 2017

Car history:

  • Car sold in tarmac
  • ACI Sport

Driven by top drivers like Crugnola, Nucita, Mc Erlean, Rossetti, on the tarmac roads of Italy


Car in last evolution with Engine EVO2.

Last spec software 29/07 ERJ and all last Joker as per image below.



Main current mileage of parts


Engine                                    1250 km since last rebuilt

Alternator                              NEW

Engine starter                      NEW

Turbo                                     850 km since NEW

Spark plugs:                         100 km

Exhaust manifold                850 km since NEW

Clutch                                    213 km since NEW

Gearbox (short ratios)        830 km

Rear diff                                120 km

Front Driveshafts                830 km

Rear Driveshafts                 830 km

Propshaft                              1620 km since NEW

Dampers                               425 km since last rebuilt

Uprights                                425 km since last hub rebuilt

Fuel Tank                              to be checked